to the 9's

official universal stimecode

  STIME  declared itself the official universal clock, calendar and timepiece, starting at the moment of the solstice on December 21, 2000.  STIME on that date  1999.999 having started 9/22/96 uni .1

Based upon  Standard Time at the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada with the change of date at "I"or 1.

To synchronize with STIME, set your computer clock to Eastern Standard Time

To tell STIME, all you need is the "hour" hand

STIME is a new way to tell the time and count the days. A new timepiece, a new calendar and a new of counting

STIME uses  the following digits 

    .I      .II     .III     .IIII    .V      .VI   .VIII   .VIII  .VIIII   I.I


Each revolution of Earth or  day or UNI is divided into 9 equal parts   or 40 degrees of arc of a 360 degree circle or 160 minutes or 2 hours and 40 minutes of "time"


The STIMEPIECE is also synchronized with a 24 hour timepiece based upon Eastern Standard Time and tells both STIME and Eastern Standard Time at the same time.

Another version of the clock, a working model tells STIME and all global local times at the same time

24:00 is 9 or VIIII  , O800 or 8AM is 3 or III ,  1600 or 4PM is 6 or VI


Each part is divided into 9 equal segments 
Each of these segments is divided into 9 equal periods and can be repeated

The days or UNIS are grouped in a similar fashion


The clock and calendar have been operating since september 22, 1996


today is UNI                                

      since september 22, 1996 autumnul equinox (one p.m. est) .I

or uni   1

and counting

This new system of keeping time is universal, symmetrical and continual; all units of time and all units of date are synchronized.

Just as Sir Sanford Fleming developed Standard time for scheduling of trains, this new system takes into account that we are a global community with instant global access.
Anyone who interacts with another person or apparatus, are all  referring to one integrated time and date reference. This new system  takes into account the speed of travel and technology. One Time 

 Scheduling of Global events  now relate to one time and not the 27 different times and the a.m. and the p.m. problems, that are used presently.

All units of time; the equivalent of  seconds,  minutes,  hours, days, weeks, months,  years, decades, centuries, millennia are exact factors or multiples of each other.  This totally universal system has  no religious significance or implications. The seven day week is integrated into the new calendar.  To allow for more flexibility to  work  scheduling, a new system of counting or grouping days has been implemented. Good-bye 24/7, hello 9's.

The key to the numbering system unlocks the power of the enneagram and corrects the philosphies of the

enneagram, numerology, horoscopes and math itself. The power of three, the symmetry of six and mysteries of nine.


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